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Vinnaithandi Varuvaya....

If my memory is not bad, I believe It was in 2010 that I was in search of some good tamil movie, especially romantic in nature with some sweet song and got a copy of “Vinnai Thandi Varuvaaya” , a tamil movie, casting Silambarashan and Trisha, directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon. I was always a great fan of AR Rahman but became a greater fan of the Director Gautham Menon when I completed watching this movie. Like all his movies, this movie also features his unique master piece works with superb theme, slow pace, artwork with camera, exotic locations, mind blowing costumes and so on….and the songs by AR Rahman make it one among my favourite films.


More than everything, I really loved how Alappuzha, my home town has been casted in it’s glory, in the film. Backwaters and water bodies make the best feast for the shutterbugs…


After finishing the film, a church, which has been casted in it, popped up into my mind. A kind of curiosity was driving me to find and locate that church, which was built near a riverside. Since I have been living at Aleppey and that church had seized certain amount of interest, I consoled my mind to locate it and go there.


It was too serene and most of the time the overview of the church in the film was shown by pulling the camera from the river [probably they have shot it from a boat...]. And there was a road in between the river and the church.


So the first step in the investigation is to make plans for reaching the destination with less time. I had 2 plans …

1. Count the number of oo’s in Google

2. Watch the movie once again, and let my eyes or ears wait for a better clue…


I like the first one than the latter. So connected the internet and started pulling google queries. Tried many combinations of “Vinnai thandi varuvaaya” with “Alappuzha”, but, finally ended up in despair. Even the Google Image search too didn’t left me a clue. . . Bad Idea ! hung up !


It seems plan B will be better . . . So I replayed the movie and closely observed the area where Karthik and his friend was being caught by Jessie’s brother and relatives, from a running bus, just after she quits from the marriage at the church . . . My intention was nothing but to check, weather the “Place” showing board [kept in front of the bus] has been caught up in the camera. . . I was right !!! I got some places . .


But the happiness didn’t last longer when I found that the board displayed some other places of Aleppey and not exactly the location of the Church.


I decided to go back to plan A again, and to try Google image search with some other keyword. . .


At last, wandering over too many images, shown by the query “Churches of Aleppey”, i got an image, one similar to the same in movie… Some clicks and some seconds . . . I was realizing the victory… It was St. Mary’s Forane Church at Pulinkunnu, Alappuzha, Kerala.


It was the day i felt the craziness in me, at it’s high voltage . . . I know, what I’ve done was nothing to anyone . . still it was a kind of feeling . . . It reloads my mind every time I hear about Aleppey…


So I decided to visit that place today itself and yes it sounds “Vinnai thaandivaruvaaya”. . .


Few Beautiful Stills from the movie "Vinnaithandi Varuvaya"



© 2014 Roopesh Arakkal